Bottomless Cookie Jar

It takes a lot of cookies (6 dozen every two days during summer) to keep the "Bottomless Cookie Jar" full at Newcastle Inn. In addition to keeping favorite cookies in the rotation I am always looking for new cookie recipes to add to the roster.

Carolyn, a housekeeper here at the inn, suggested a cookie recipe by Dee Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman. It is pretty much impossible for me to not tweak a recipe in some way. The basic recipe is from the

Historic Shell Middens on Damariscotta River

Less than a mile from Newcastle Inn, you will find something known as a shell midden. The one closest to the inn, on the western banks of the Damariscotta River, is know as the Glidden Midden.There is another midden, the Whaleback Midden, just opposite on the eastern banks of the river. Unfortunately this one was largely destroyed back in the late 1880's when it was mined for chicken feed.

What is a midden? Basically it is a dump, a location where people

Donate to Habitat for Humanity and Save 50%!

Newcastle Inn is thrilled to be participating again in the Maine Innkeepers Association  “Hospitality for Habitat” program. This is the 13th year for this special fundraiser and Newcastle Inn has been participating since 2009. The dates for 2016 are April 18 - May 26.

The 50% discount is good for any room priced at $200 or more with a two-night minimum stay. In return for such a great deal on the room rate you make a minimum donation of $35.00 to Habitat

Damariscotta Pumpkinfest Around the Corner

Another year has flown by and all things "pumpkin" is what is on everyone's mind here in the Newcastle/Damariscotta area. We are just days away from the start of the Damariscotta Region Pumpkinfest and Regatta! The massive pumpkins were weighed this past weekend, and the winner weighed in at an astonishing 1727.5 pounds! That is a lot of pumpkin pie! This giant pumpkin will be on display during the festival. One of my favorite things occurs on Thursday,

Pemaquid Oysters and Sheep - Oh My!

If you think that things come to an end, and the "season" is over in MidCoast Maine at the end of August then you would be wrong! The month of September continues to offer a wealth of activities and things to do. At the end of September, there are two events in particular, that are worth a visit.

The wonderful Common Ground Fair is held September 25, 26 & 27, 2015 in Unity, Maine. This fair is unique and special and celebrates the agricultural and rural

Favorite Maine Blueberry Muffin Recipe

Maine Blueberry season is winding down for this year. The freezer here at Newcastle Inn is filled with bags of blueberries that I have frozen. Some of you have asked for my Blueberry Muffin Recipe. I have several that I use, but this one is getting the most use right now. It is a favorite of mine from King Arthur Flour. I have tweaked it a tiny little bit, but it really is their recipe - I can't take any credit for it.

For a busy innkeeper, the best part

Maine Wild Blueberries

My supply of Maine Wild Blueberries in the freezer is dwindling, but thankfully the blueberry harvest isn't that far away. The Maine Wild Blueberry is smaller, and sweeter, than their larger cultivated cousin. When I first saw the burned fields by the side of the road I didn't understand what was happening. Now I know that a farmer will burn, or mow, half the field after the harvest and use the other half for harvesting the following year.

When blueberries

A Winter Vacation in MidCoast Maine – The Quiet Season

To the Maine tourism industry, November through March is “the quiet season.” Summer and fall visitors have gone home. Mainers continue life as usual, but there’s a little less hustle and bustle.

But a winter vacation in Maine is perfect way to experience the state’s beauty in a whole new way. Opportunities abound for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating and hiking during the winter. The ocean views in Midcoast Maine are just as stunning in winter -

Donate to Hospitality for Habitat and Save 50% on Your Stay

We’re pleased to once again participate in the Maine Innkeepers Association  “Hospitality for Habitat” program. Last year, the promotion raised more than $15,000, which was divided among the Habitat for Humanity chapters in Maine. The dates for this year are April 20 - May 21, 2015.

This special rate is good for any room priced at $200 or more with a two-night minimum stay. In return for such a great deal on the room rate you make a minimum donation of

Vacation Shopping in the Damariscotta Region

If shopping is your idea of an adventure, then you’ll definitely want to spend some vacation time here in the Damariscotta Region of Maine. With all of the eclectic shops and boutiques in the Newcastle and Damariscotta area, we don’t know how anyone could classify vacation shopping in Maine as anything but an adventure.

For example, when were you last in a store that sold oriental rugs and violins? The Salt Bay Trading Co.  in Newcastle sells both. The

Things to Do in Maine: Visit Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Mainers appreciate and celebrate their history but always with an eye to the future. The Lie-Nielsen Toolworks on Rte. 1, in nearby Warren. is among the Maine businesses that epitomize that spirit. If you or someone close to you loves woodworking and fine craftsmanship, then include a visit to Lie-Nielsen on your list of things to do in Maine. The company, founded in 1981 by Thomas Lie-Nielsen, makes traditional woodworking tools like planes, saws, chisels,

Experience Maine Woods at Hidden Valley Nature Center

Outdoor enthusiasts who stay at Newcastle Inn often visit one of the environmental gems of Midcoast Maine, the Hidden Valley Nature Center. The center, located in Jefferson, about 15 miles north of Newcastle, has more than 30 miles of trails for hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Hidden Valley Nature Center is community-based and run by a non-profit corporation that aims to provide year-round opportunities for

Enjoy New Year’s Eve Dinner at the Newcastle Inn

This year, we will celebrate our sixth New Year’s Eve dinner at Newcastle Inn, and our special entrée will be a first – roast crown of pork.

The unofficial first New Year’s Eve dinner took place in 2008, the year I purchased the inn. Some guests that I knew, from my previous job at a Vermont inn, decided to spend New Year’s Eve in Maine instead of Vermont. That first year, Trey and Tricia showed up with two bags of groceries (they had discovered Whole

Visit Midcoast Maine During The Holiday Season

The holiday season in Midcoast Maine is much like many other places in the Northeast, except, well, it’s Maine, and there are a few holiday quirks.

Most notable is the lobster trap Christmas tree erected in nearby Rockland on Thanksgiving weekend. Volunteers assemble lobster traps specially made for the tree and pile them 35 feet high. Some 450 feet of lighted garland wraps around the “tree,” which is adorned with a glowing lobster on top.

If you travel

7 Reasons to Choose a Bed & Breakfast

When you plan your next vacation to Maine, or anywhere else for that matter, look for a bed and breakfast to use as vacation HQ instead of a hotel or motel. Once you have experienced a B&B, you may never want to stay anywhere else.

Here are 7 reasons to choose a bed and breakfast for your next Maine vacation:

    Save Money: Nightly rates at many bed and breakfasts are comparable, if not less expensive, than good quality hotels and motels, and don’t forget

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