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Bristol Road Galleries – One Name, Four Artists

Just a 3-minute drive from Newcastle Inn are The Bristol Road Galleries, a group of four galleries along Bristol Road in Damariscotta.

As you drive south on Bristol Road from Damariscotta your first stop is Kefauver Studio and Gallery. Will Kefauver returned to oil paintings after many years as an illustrator, graphic designer, art director, and executive. His works depict the different moods and feelings of the landscapes and also his love for the rugged landscapes of Maine and New England. You can find Will either giving lessons to teens and adults in his studio or outdoors, where he gets most of his inspiration.

Just a short walk from Kefauver Studio & Gallery, you will find Jan Kilburn’s Gallery. Her watercolors and oil paintings depict the common and simple atmospheres of the seacoasts, villages, and gardens of Maine and New Hampshire. Her main joy is to paint within the environment, but she also offers lessons at her studio. Her use of bright colors brings these scenes to life with simple strokes of a brush to canvas.

The SinclairGallery, run by Marnie Sinclair, is across the street from the Jan Kilburn Gallery. Her main focus is in sculpture, but nowadays she is working to figure out the different sides to kinetic sculpture. Kinetic sculpture is a form of sculpture art that is a figure that moves naturally or with the help of a motor or the observer moving around the piece. Either the sculpture moves with help of the elements or it moves with the different perspectives of the piece itself. Marnie’s work is greatly influenced by her concern for the environment.

The last stop after The Sinclair Gallery is the Kathleen Horst Gallery. Kathleen, a watercolorist, focuses on landscapes and homes that are either Victorian mansions or seaside cottages. Since retiring as a high school teacher, Kathleen has had a lot of time to work on her watercolors. Using the inspiration of historical architecture as well as using vibrant colors, she can bring excitement and a dramatic feeling to scenes.

The Bristol Road Galleries bring a different variety of art from four very talented artists. These artists team together to not only share their artwork, but to bring inspiration to other potential artists and young people by offering classes. There are many events happening within the galleries all summer. The hours vary for the Bristol Road galleries, but the best times to plan visiting all of them are between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays.

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