Witness MidCoast Maine’s Fall Foliage

Life in Maine begins to slow down in late September and October, but that’s when Mother Nature starts to get busy with her paintbrush. That’s when our lush forests begin to turn to spectacular hues of gold, orange and red. The peak week for fall colors here in Midcoast Maine is typically the second week in October. We invite you to spend a few days at Newcastle Inn in mid-October to enjoy the beauty of the area. In addition to the fireplace in the sitting room, many guest rooms have a fireplace or stove to cozy up to.

Enjoying the fall colors doesn’t have to be a leisurely pursuit. Midcoast Maine boasts many wonderful hiking trails to enjoy in the fall. Visitors can also enjoy visiting our local museums and art galleries and the nearby Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Our state government offers a comprehensive website to track fall foliage around Maine. It’s updated regularly, and there are many links to information about where to visit, where to hike and where to go see some of the most spectacular fall colors.

And, of course, when you plan your stay Newcastle Inn, we’ll be happy to fill you in on interesting events and locations with great vistas. Check the availability of a room and schedule your stay.

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