Where to find the Best Maine Lobster

When you think of Maine you can’t help but think of lobster, right? So, tie on your bibs and follow our guide to the juiciest tails and overstuffed lobster rolls in town. Here is our guide to the best Maine lobster near Damariscotta, Maine:

Larson’s Lunchbox

As one of Maine’s favorite roadside stands since 1962, Larson’s Lunchbox is a true roadside dive. Pull over and walk up to the order window before taking a seat at their aside outdoor picnic area. While the restaurant may be small, the menu is sizeable, with haddock chowder, lobster rolls, and even classic hamburger options.

Muscongus Bay Lobster

Enjoy scenic views of Round Pond Harbor while dining at the casual lobster joint, Muscongus Bay Lobster. You can select your own lobster, which is caught and brought in daily, from the bottomless tank. Also offering other shellfish like scallops, shrimp, and clams, which are all locally caught so you know you are getting the freshest seafood. Remember to BYOB and enjoy the open-air dining experience.

Pemaquid Seafood

Stop in at the boat-to-table lobster joint that has been cooking up tasty seafood dishes since 1947. Pemaquid Seafood, formerly Pemaquid Lobster Co-Op, still operates as a local operation that tourists and locals alike enjoy. Situated on the banks of the Pemaquid River, its remote location provides a beautiful backdrop for visitors enjoying their seafood platter, lobster roll, or even lobster stew.

Five Islands

Some of the best Maine lobster near Damariscotta can be found if heading down to Reid State Park. Be sure to stop in at this local joint. Five Islands is a no-frills restaurant that sits on the edge of Sheepscot Bay, one of the deepest and coldest – perfect for making excellent tasting lobster. Nestled in the tiny fishing village of Georgetown, ME, patrons can sit outside at the al-fresco only dining establishment and watch as the ships sail in and the seagulls caw overhead, while sinking their teeth into some of the best lobster rolls in the state.

Shaw’s Fish and Lobster Wharf

Head out to the small fishing village of New Harbor, widely known for the part it played in the Hollywood movie, Message in a Bottle. Take in the views of Muscongus Bay from their upper deck and watch while boats pull up and drop off the day’s catch. Serving on average 10,000 a year, their lobster rolls are perfectly garnished with a satisfying unique flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Holbrook Wharf

As the centerpiece of the community since 1853, Holbrook Wharf is the classic representation of the working waterfronts of Maine. While we, of course, suggest a taste of their lobster rolls, there are many other notable dishes such as their fish tacos and fish ‘n’ chips or their lobster quesadilla for more of a creative twist on this juicy meat. And while you most likely came for the lobster, be sure to snag a piece of their blueberry cobbler, a la mode of course.

Feed your appetite and sample some of the best Maine lobster at one of these local restaurants. And if you are looking for other dining options in the area, read our blog on the top restaurants in the Damariscotta and Newcastle area. 

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